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#08: What Your Face Says About You - Brian Galke

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Sales often gets a bad reputation, but it is a necessity in life... both personally and professionally. Thankfully, my guest today is a face reading expert and will teach you how to read someones face so you can speak their language - and ultimately get what you want.

Brian Galke is a master sales trainer, storyteller, and facial decoder.

In this episode, expect to learn how to read peoples faces, the truth behind facial decoding, how you can use it to deepen your relationships (and get more of what you want) and much more... including my personal favorite what your face says about me.



Time Stamps

00:00 How To Read Faces To Deepen Relationships
Why Facial Expressions Create Connection
26:51 How To Create Authentic Community
34:19 Interpreting Facial Features To Make More Sales
35:15 How To Recognize Nonverbal Cues
40:31 The Truth About Eye Contact


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