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#06: The Only Way To Build A Bulletproof Brand - Dom Cianciotto

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Community is something we all need, yet it's becoming increasingly hard to find... and the loneliness epidemic is one of the leading causes of poor mental health and suicide.

My guest today and I cover not only how to build an outstanding community and brand... but discuss his challenges with mental health as well. Dom Cianciotto is the Director of Community and Experiences for Plunge, a brand consultant and is a masterful experiential event facilitator.

In this episode, expect to learn where most business fall short on branding, how to think about throwing a community-building event, why immersing yourself in cold water is the healthiest thing you can do and more... including my personal favorite, how to find community anywhere in the world. - 



Time Stamps

00:00 Contemplating Suicide
03:29 Finding Reasons to Keep Living
07:38 Why My Life Has Purpose
09:17 How To Overcome Addiction
10:55 The Emptiness of Endless Partying
14:54 Learning To Set Personal Boundaries
21:42 Surviving a Motorcycle Accident
24:01 Choosing To Start Building Confidence
26:48 How To Create Community Sober
29:42 Seasons of Life (War vs. Flow)
38:13 Recovering From Open Heart Surgery at 33
43:39 Prioritizing Recovery and Stillness
45:48 How To Optimize for Long-Term Consistency
46:17 Shifting Mindset Towards Longevity and Health Span
59:02 Community Building Tools for Brand Growth
01:05:09 The Power in Creating Meaningful Experiences
01:08:11 Insights on Branding and Community Engagement
01:13:37 The C's in Your Life
01:15:25 The Secret To Changing Your Life


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