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#05: The Surprisingly Easy Way To Balance Your Hormones - Sam Davis

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If hormone health is of primary importance for both men and women, why is it talked about so little... and why is there so much conflicting information online? These are just a few of the questions we answer and more.

Sam Davis is a women’s health advisor, hormone specialist and fitness-business consultant having published some of your favorite influencers. Sam and I have spoken in depth about her story in the past, and in this episode we decided to take a much more actionable and informative approach.

In this episode, expect to learn why gut-health is more important than mental health, how to fix your diet, why your morning coffee is speeding up the aging process… and more. Including my personal favorite, the input the determines your happiness - and no, it’s not your mindset.



Time Stamps

00:00 Contrary Advice For A Healthier Life
06:11 What Is An Elimination Diet
10:12 How To Increase Energy and Optimize Sleep
14:15 Best Ways To Mange Phone Notifications
17:12 How To Know If You Have A Healthy Microbiome
29:29 What Are The Side Effects of Dietary Changes
34:11 The Best Diet For Optimal Health
37:59 Morning Hydration vs. Morning Coffee
40:48 How To Have A Healthier Morning Routine
43:24 Common Vitamin Deficiencies in Women
45:07 Hormone Testing Recommendations
49:08 How You Should Think About Birth Control
52:43 Tracking Activity, Calories and Health Data
56:42 The Importance of Sleep for Mental Health
58:53 Solutions for Women's Hormones


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