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#03: You're Not The Man You Think You Are - Lachie Stuart

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What does it mean to be a modern man in today's society? Discover the importance of being strong yet vulnerable, adapting to different environments, and the true definition of finding balance in life.

Lachie Stuart is the founder of The Man That Can Project community and podcast, and an athlete who holds a world record for rowing 30 marathons in 30 days. Lachie is a dear friend, and someone I’ve watched design and build the man he desired to become… and he now helps other men do the same.

In this episode, expect to learn how to redefine masculinity, tactical advice on how to approach goal setting… and succeed, every time, what to look for in a mentor, and what to avoid… and more.



Time Stamps

00:00 Modern Masculinity and Personal Growth
12:13 Navigating Men's Groups & Community
15:39 Shifting Perspectives & Building Community
17:34 Embracing Authentic Connections
19:30 Belief Shift: From On-Mission to On-Purpose
21:15 Standing Out in Your Career
23:58 Transformation Through Challenging Experiences
24:58 Finding Vulnerability and Balance in Relationships
30:45 Building Strong Relationships
35:56 Appreciating the Journey & Value of Relationships
39:34 Exploring Family Dynamics
46:45 Navigating Personal Achievements
51:37 Consistent Inputs for Success
55:58 Key Points on Personal Growth
01:00:03 Developing Skills for Success
01:01:42 Importance of Skill Development
01:06:44 Taking Action in Life & Embracing Success
01:19:23 Breaking the Cycle: Embracing Change for Growth
01:21:52 Achieving Mastery and Shifting Environments
01:23:13 The Importance of Exercise for Both Body and Mind
01:26:43 Taking Action vs. Mental Masturbation
01:27:08 Community and Growth in LA
01:30:33 Moving Beyond Transactional Interactions
01:32:46 Prioritizing Relationship Building
01:36:45 Learning to Push Your Limits
01:38:39 International Visit and Setting Standards


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