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#02: The Truth Behind Women’s Longer Lifespans - Elise Joan

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Elise Joan is a celebrity trainer, women's health and longevity expert, and former broadway star.

We first met in 2022 traveling on a retreat in Morocco, and what stood out to me was how she gracefully spoke about her work helping give women permission to life incredible lives.

Expect to learn about Elise's challenges with infertility and how she has redefined her maternal instincts, what women must be doing to increase their life and health span, how she is reversing her biological age, and more... including my personal favorite - how she’s redefining the narrative for women around the world.


Time Stamps

00:00 Infertility Challenges
06:40 Overcoming Depression
08:45 How Family Can Look Differently
10:51 Translating Problems Into Passions
13:45 Finding Happiness in Rejection
16:49 Broadway Discoveries
18:45 The Difference in Inputs
23:45 Why Trauma is a Blessing
28:34 Separating Value From Achievement
32:40 Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend (Barre Blend Babies)
34:30 First Broadway National Tour
36:32 Creating Space in Chaos
40:18 Giving Women Permission To...
46:11 Importance of Neuroplasticity
50:49 Intentional Fitness Programming
55:15 Teaching Yoga & Focusing on Flow
58:24 Encouraging People to Break Routine
01:04:25 Progressive Overload
01:05:11 Understanding Body Literacy
01:08:44 Women's Specific Longevity Protocol
01:16:22 Creating An Optimal Workout Routine
01:21:29 Age Positive and Understanding Longevity
01:27:31 Changing The Narrative For Women
01:30:34 Future-Pacing & Epigenetics
01:32:23 Social Media Impacts on Health
01:35:50 Biggest Input In Elise's Life


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