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#01: The Man Who Runs 100+ Miles Per Week - Andrew Glaze

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Andrew Glaze is an ultramarathoner (formerly #1 on Strava), a fire station captain, and a consistency machine.

Andy's social media content has continually been a source of inspiration for amateur and professional runners alike. Today we cover consistency, recovery, nutrition, mindset, and resilience.

Expect to learn what Andy thinks about consistency, what to do and not to do when preparing for a race, how to find another gear and push past mental barriers, and more… including my personal favorite, how being a punk kid led to a faux kidnapping.


Time Stamps

00:00 Internal Monologue
01:40 Pre-Run and Morning Routine
05:20 Forced 'Bonking' in Training
06:55 The Cheat Code for Life
07:44 Optimizing for Failure
12:02 Try, Fail, and Try Again
15:22 Exercise to Become a Better Person
19:05 Andy's Number One Value
The Science of Achieving Big Goals
22:22 Health Challenges Due to Inactivity
23:30 How Andy Tapers for a Race
25:30 What Success Looks Like
28:10 The Secret to Get Through Troubles
31:15 Pre-Race Superstitions
32:40 Andy's Stance on Recovery
35:10 How To Implement New Routines
37:05 Work Induced PTSD, Trauma & Ultra's
39:03 Faux Kidnapping Caused Strange Addiction
43:29 The Origin of "Smile or You're Doing It Wrong"
44:40 How to Cultivate Resilience in Life
47:30 Andy's Most Rewarding Input


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